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The Dominican Republic, located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, was discovered by Christopher Columbus for more than 500 years. After Cuba, Dominica is the second largest island in the Great Antilles. Two thirds of the island is dominated by the Dominican Republic

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John Brown

Blackwood, UK


Thanks for travel.  It was may best holiday 🙂


Sophie Taylor

Blackwood, UK


Thanks for the opportunity, I had a fantastic trip, I enriched a lot of experience. Professional organization, exclusive conditions, exotic location… I recommend it to everyone!


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Exotic Fruits in D.R.
Limoncillo was brought to the island in pre-Columbian times and thrives in the Caribbean.It is small round fruit about the size of a lime. The color is green to yellow and has a hard, thin, leathery skin. Inside the skin you will find a yellow to pinkish, cantaloupe colored almost slimy, translucent flesh. This bittersweet layer […]
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