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Imagine the most amazing day of your life! How would it be? Luxurious service, wonderful sights, unforgettable experiences that intertwine, joy, laughter, happiness, and the most beautiful sunrise and sunset in the world as a fitting backdrop...

Where would you most like to spend the best days of your life?

We suggest you plan now the most magical experiences of your life, the most amazing days in the pearl of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic!

The Dominican Republic is the second largest island in the Greater Antilles, the jewel of the holiday resorts and the most sought-after destination for Hungarian tourists. No wonder! The stunning sights of the Caribbean, its unrivalled atmosphere, the opportunities for wonderful experiences are all tempting for travellers looking for an unforgettable holiday.

The Dominican Republic is unquestionably considered by travellers to be the best holiday of their lives and the centre of unforgettable experiences, because of its unique climate, its attractions and the high level of service specialised to the needs of tourists.

If you've ever watched a movie set here and thought "I wish I could see that glistening white sand on the beach, I wish I could run into the turquoise sea", then the Dominican Republic was "invented" for you!

Your dream vacation

Whether you're looking for a busy, adventure-focused holiday or "just" want to lie on the beach all day and sip cocktails while taking in the stunning scenery, the best choice for you is...

If you're looking for experiences and sights with the backdrop of nature that would make a romantic adventure film. If you don't want to spend all your money on a holiday and want exotic experiences at absolutely European prices!

If you're looking for the kind of luxury holiday that seemingly only the upper crust can afford, with luxurious accommodations, premium attractions and never-to-be-forgotten activities.

If you love the sea and the beach, and all the "pleasant side effects" that come with the Caribbean: the ever-so-slight breeze on the shore, the hot air off the water, the sound of the water lapping against the shore, the blinding whiteness, the blazing sun, the turquoise glow. Now it's available to everyone, including you!

If you like action-packed activities and would like to try something you've only dreamed of or seen on film. For example, you might like to take part in a live voodoo ceremony, visit a cigar factory, see the landscape from a flying boat or drive a Hummer.

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