Why choose us?

VIP support at ordinary prices

After getting to know the country and its hidden treasures, we decided to share this with those who come here to relax. It was important that our company was legal and in compliance with all regulations. Following these guidelines, we obtained a license from the Ministry of Tourism to organize and run tours, and our fleet of vehicles was licensed for transportation.
We have built our team on many years of experience in tourism. Our colleagues speak several foreign languages, have years of experience in tourism, and our local knowledge is unrivalled. The company owners are experienced, successful business people, recognised in the international market, with a degree in tourism economics.

ur tours are designed to be unique and to give our guests the experience of a lifetime. Our company is not a non-profit organization, however our pricing policy is to provide the best value for money. That is why we are the first and only company to introduce a price guarantee. In addition to pricing, quality was another important aspect, and we have created a specific policy for our colleagues, which is fully respected by everyone.
As our company is fully licensed, we organise and run our programmes ourselves. So we do not involve a 3rd party, so the difference stays in the pocket of our guests.

For us, the VIP level is the basis, it's how we live, it's how we work. We simply can't give less than that, because then you would get less than we think you deserve.

What is VIP quality?

For us, the Dominican Republic is also our home, so our knowledge of the place is second to none. There's not a situation we can't handle with our fingers crossed.

When you holiday with us, you'll feel it too: we give our clients what we give to our Dominican lives. We give you what is our life. No shabby vehicles, no bored staff, no delays, no queues, no jostling, no fitting in, no feeling like you're getting the same thing as at home, but for a fortune...

Excellent Excellent

We have all the licenses and certifications in the Dominican Republic, including the local Ministry of Tourism!

Premium services

We insure all our bookings and passengers at a premium level, and you can find the certificates on our website.

24/7 call-center

We are available 24 hours a day, with Hungarian-speaking colleagues. There is nothing impossible even at night.

Highest quality

The Dominican Republic is also our home, so our knowledge of the place is second to none. There's not a situation we can't solve at the drop of a hat.

Important your own security?

We'll look after you!

Few travellers realise that they are in the most vulnerable position of their lives when they travel to foreign lands. There are so many stimuli, sights and experiences, that the routines you are used to in everyday life don't work: you can't concentrate on yourself, your luggage or your loved ones as you would in familiar surroundings because your nervous system is overloaded.