• Our programmes start and end in the country and arrival city indicated in the description. Crossing the Hungarian border by land or air is not included in the programmes. The programs are organized by Go Dominican Vacation EA. SRL.
  • Travel to the starting location at the start time and departure after the programme is individual and not part of the programme.
  • We do not sell flights, you can book through our partner on our site.
  • The prices shown on the website are in USD and are indicative.
  • The information on this website does not constitute a travel offer.


  1. Programme selection
    Booking of the trip is done electronically. On our website we list our programmes

    • a detailed description of
    • Date and time of
    • the price
    • what is included and what is not included in the price

    Please read the information. Use this information to choose which of our programmes you are interested in.

  2. Pre-travel communication
    Pre-booking contact can be made by e-mail, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber. We can be contacted through these channels for any question/request needed to prepare a decision.
  3. Request for quotation
    Fill in the form in the contact menu on our website ( ). This will add your request to the other requests for proposals, where we will see all requests together. You have the possibility to make individual requests. We will communicate further, answering your questions, at the email address you provide on the form,
    and we will give you a quote. The request for a quote does not constitute an order. Orders are placed upon payment of the programme.
  4. Booking a programme
    When all the details of your trip are clear, you will be asked to pay the amount set via our booking system. Secure credit card payment system. After payment, your trip will be booked in the calendar. 20% of the deposit will be treated as a regret money and will not be refunded in case of cancellation. The reason for this is that with the number of
    and we plan our daily workload accordingly. Consider it a cancellation fee. Please only pay if you accept this condition. By making this payment, you acknowledge that you have received all the information about the trip and have made your decision in full knowledge of it.
    These items will not be refunded under any circumstances:

    • internal flight ticket
    • accommodation within 60 days

    In the event of a postponement for any reason, the amount of the reservation will be credited for rebooking within 24 months of the original(!) date of travel (except for the exceptions listed).
    You don't have to travel within 24 months, but book a new date.


We use gross pricing in the prices displayed in the programme. Everything that belongs to the trip is included in the price.

It is included in the price displayed:

  • tickets
  • on-site shuttle: air-conditioned vehicle with driver, appropriate to the number of persons and any luggage
  • a Hungarian-speaking tour guide, which includes travel-related tasks
  • Hungarian-speaking guides: giving information about the sights on the programmes
  • accommodation: the price of our tours includes accommodation and meals per group

Not included in the price shown:

  • cost of travel to the city of arrival / cost of travel from the city of departure at the end of the programme
  • special optional programmes
  • single supplement
  • extra bed extra charge
  • cost of extension
  • additional costs due to special dietary needs
  • sickness, accident, luggage insurance

Accommodation prices are included in the packages we advertise. We do not include accommodation in the individual day programmes. We can arrange discounted rates with our contracted hotels on request.
Meals: breakfast included in the price of the accommodation recommended / booked by us.
Some of our programmes include a built-in meal. These are indicated separately.
For admission tickets, we have discounted entry contracts with a number of attractions. We use these in the packages we advertise.
For transport, our long-standing business partnerships give us volume discounts in many places. We apply these to the packages we advertise.


  • Check the validity of your passport. It must be valid for 6 months from the date of departure.
  • Insurance is essential. When taking out insurance, take the time to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions. Check with the insurer which hospitals in the cities you are covering are affiliated with the insurer. If not, what you should do. Whether the medical institution will provide treatment at the expense of your insurance or on a cash up-front and post-insurance settlement basis may depend on the specific case. Be prepared to pay accordingly and be aware of the list of documentation required by the insurer.
    Types of insurance:

    • BBP - illness, accident, baggage
    • extreme sports supplement if your itinerary includes jungle trekking, rock climbing, scuba diving...
    • travel insurance
  • Knowledge of customs rules on imports, with special emphasis on excise goods: cigarettes, alcohol and liquids.
  • Export customs rules, in particular: natural treasures (shells, coral, plants, seeds... etc.); animal products;
  • You are responsible for complying with the laws of your country and the rules for visiting the sites included in the programme. In particular, they must comply fully with the rules of dress and behaviour expected at the places of interest and with traffic regulations.


  1. Please check with the airlines
    • the size and weight limit rules for checked baggage
    • the rules on the total weight and number of items allowed for hand luggage
  2. Make sure you arrive at the airport on time before the departure of your flight. For international flights, it is usually 2 hours before departure.
  3. When travelling by air, the conditions of travel of the airline apply, including any changes to the flight: delays, schedule changes, aircraft type changes or even airline changes.


  1. For your purchases, you are responsible for determining the authenticity of the items. Please consider your decision carefully before making a purchase.
  2. Special dietary requirements can only be accommodated up to the size of the menu.
  3. The following cases fall outside the categories we can handle:
    • weather; natural disaster; state of emergency ordered by the country concerned
    • political events, events
    • holidays, festivals
    • construction works, road closures
  4. For accommodation, we will book the pre-arranged room category and bed type. In accordance with international standards, rooms must be vacated by 12 noon at the latest and can be occupied from 14:00 at the earliest. Hotels may specify different times. Whether the rooms are fully or partially available on arrival is not our responsibility.
  5. We link travellers who have registered at the same time and for the same programme. We use a vehicle of the same size as the group.


  1. For a full-day programme, the programme starts at 8:00 am. Other starting times will be communicated separately.
  2. For half-day programmes, the departure time will be agreed in advance.
  3. The programme starts and ends at the hotel reception. Any other case will be agreed in advance.
  4. For a full-day programme, we provide adequate space and time for meals. Special dietary requirements can only be accommodated up to the limit of the menu.
  5. Before the programmes start, the general rules and the rules for the day's attractions will be announced. This mainly means the dress code (expected clothing) and manners.
  6. At each attraction, a guide will give you the text for the place immediately after arrival. After this, you can go and take photos. If you were not there when the guide was speaking, that is your choice.
  7. Please do not interrupt the guide's text by asking a question. Ask any relevant questions after the text and they will be answered.
  8. Please do not tell your own stories about your previous trips during the guided tour. You have the opportunity to do this during free time with receptive fellow travellers.
  9. During the programmes, picture and sound recording can be made from the LISTENER. Only material that is not protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights may be published on the Internet. The guides' spoken text is protected by copyright and any use of it requires prior written authorisation.
  10. If you miss any departure date during the programme, you will have to arrange your own travel to and from the programme at your own expense.
  11. Intoxicated or intoxicated states are not permitted to participate in our programmes.
  12. Problems arising from non-compliance with expected rules (e.g. dress, behaviour) are passed on.
  13. We will not make up for the absence of a programme due to your medical condition.
  14. If you leave the programme without prior arrangement, please arrange to return to the hotel.
  15. Bring only essential/necessary equipment to the programme. We are not responsible for personal belongings and valuables left in the vehicle.
  16. In case of a complaint, please send your complaint in writing within 24 hours to Only then will we be able to take your complaint into account.


  • 96 hours before the start of the optional programme ordered, the 75% of the total price will be refunded.
  • 72 hours prior to the start of the optional programme booked, we will refund 50% of the total price.
  • In case of cancellation or no-show within 72 hours, we will not be able to refund the amount paid.

An exception to these conditions is made if the person cancelling the trip cannot attend for health reasons and can provide medical documentation. In this case we will refund the amount paid in 90%.

We cannot refund the purchase price of programmes not organised by us, we can only issue a voucher, which is transferable.


We offer home-grown programmes. This is the essence of what we do.
We'll give you flight and accommodation tips that best suit your itinerary, but the decision and purchase is yours.
Together, this ensures that you don't end up in the impossible situation that sometimes happens with travel agencies. Your accommodation and your return home will be organised and you will have all the information you need.


  • If you can find the same program cheaper from another company and you can credibly prove it, we will refund the difference and provide the program at the cheaper price!
  • If you can't come to visit us, you can use the voucher for the next 2 years. In fact, the vocher can be transferred and sold ( advertised in our group ).